General Free Kick Tutorial


Free Kicks are very dangerous set pieces and always a huge chance to raise the score on your side. Most free kicks in PES 2017 are shot directly on target and most players do not know what they can do else to increase the chance to score. In this tutorial we will show you all opportunities with free kicks.

direct free kicks with one kicker

Press A / X to pass
You just need to aim with the left stick. you do not have to adjust the crosshair line.

Press X / Square to shoot
You aim with the right stick and you influence the swerve with the left one.

Press B/Circle to play a lofted pass.
you must aim with the right stick like in shooting
If you press LT/L2 you can play it manual which gives you some more opportunities.


indirect free kicks (2nd kicker)

To call the 2nd kicker you have to press LB/L1 + the cross upwards or downwards

1st kicker shoots: X / Square
2nd kicker shoots: LT + X / L2 + Square

1st kicker passes to another player (and not to the 2nd kicker): A / X
2nd kicker passes to another player (and not to the 1st kicker: LT + A / L2+X

1st kicker passes to 2nd kicker LB/L1 + A/X
2nd kicker passes to 1st kicker LT + LB + A / L2 + L1 + X
after that you can do everything like in normal gameplay

fake shots
1st kicker fakes: X followed by A / Square followed by X
2nd kicker fakes LT + X followed by A / L2 + Square followed by X
after that you shot the free kick like a normal free kick.

long distance free kick
Long distance free kicks can only be done with one kicker.
you have all the options you can see above with direct free kicks.
And you have the option to play a knuckleshot.