How to injure a player?


Thirty minutes to go, your opponent substituted three players and a minute later you get this picture. His best player Gareth Bale is rolling on floor, yalling and crying. He has to leave the pitch, is injured and will never come back. Can you feel it? Your opponent will get more and more triggered with every succesful pass you will do on the pitch. Do you like those toxic actions? Then you will enjoy this three step injury tutorial.

Step 1: Injury resistance
The first thing you have to do for a succesful injury is research. You must know which players have the ability of injury resistance 1 or 2. If they have 3 it is almost impossible to get them off the field permanently. The easiest way to find that out is following this link:

Step 2: Player is under investigation
The second thing to do is triggering the “player is under investigation” event. This is the first time when the player is rolling on floor and get brought off the field for some minutes. To get this event you have to slide into the player from behind or the side and it must be a foul, which immediately interrupts the game. This is very important. If the other team stays in posession and gets the advantage the event will not happen.

Step 3: Hit him again
Now hit him again with a good hard sliding foul. Do exactly the same things like in step 2. If your victim gets carried off the pitch, the job is done. But be careful that you select the right player for this action. If you get a yellow red card, your advantage is lost.