MyClub: Scouting Tutorial


How does the Scouting System work?
When you try to find out which players you might be able to draft you first have to watch your Scout list?
The first important value is the quality your scout have.

When you use 3 Scouts the average number of stars decides about the ball colour which you can get.

1 Star – White Balls – Best overall rating: 69
2 Stars – Bronze Ball – Best overall rating:  74
3 Stars – Silver Ball – Best overall rating:  79
4 Stars – Golden Ball – Best overall rating 84
5 Stars – Black Ball – Overall rating of 85 or higher possible

How should I start?
1. Take your highest Scout.
In my case it was a 4 Star LWF. Now you press Y on XBOX or Triangle on PS4 to see the list of targets.
Find a player you like.


2. Open that player on Find attributes which differ him from all other targets.
I selected Poldolski and he is famous for his kicking power.
If you do not have such an agent available,  press X on Xbox or Circle on PS4 to simulate with some agents.

3. If there are still players which you do not want to get, test with all the scouts which you need to get to have only one result.
In my case there are 2 results. I can try that combo or risk to get Schürrle.

4. Get the missing scouts in the auction house: