Skill Cards

Skill CardWhat happensHow to activate
Acrobatic Clearenables Players to clear the ball using their feet. even from awkward positions
Acrobatic FinishEnables players to find a finish even from awkward positions or when off balance.situational
CaptaincyThe strength of character to get more out of the team, pulling players by the scruff of their necks.
Cut Behind & TurnEnables the ‘Cut Behind’Same as fake shot
Fighting SpiritEnables players to perform better under pressure and fatigue, as well as adversity

First-Time Shot Improves technique and precision when taking first-time shots. - situational
Flip-FlapEnables players to execute the Flip Flap.Hold RS ↘ + LS ↗
GK Long Throws Improves the range on throws by the goalkeeper.
GK Low Punt Trajectory Enables players to take long accurate punt kicks with a low trajectory.
HeadingEnables the accuracy of headers as well as the frequency of downward headers
Heel TrickEnables players to pass and shoot with the heel, even from awkward positions and off balance
Knuckle Shot nables players to hit knuckle ball shots with greater ease.Press X again shortly before the player shoots
Long Range DriveEnables players to hit curling shots with great accuracy from a distance.Hold RT + X
Long Throw Improve the range of long throws. - the player must throw in the ball
Low Lofted PassEnables players to hit a long accurate pass with a low trajectory
Man MarkingEnables a player to stick to and persistently chase down an opponent. Man Marking must be activated for this player in the tactics.
Marseille TurnEnables players to execute the Marseille Turn.Hold RS 360 degrees anti-clockwise (360 degrees clockwise) + LS → or ↘ or ↓ (→ or ↗ or ↑)
One-Touch PassImproves technique and precision when playing one-touch passes.
Outside CurlerEnables players to shoot and pass using the outside of the boot even at long distances.
Pinpoint CrossingEnables players to curl in crosses with great accuracy.
RabonaEnables players to execute the rabona for passing, shooting and crossing, even when the opponent does not expect it.
Scissor FeintEnables players to execute the Scissors Feint at high speed.RS →, ↗, ↑ (→, ↘, ↓) → Release. Push LS immediately afterwards to turn.
Scotch Move Enables ‘Scotch Move’.Hold RS ← + LS ↓ or ↘ or →
Sombrero Enables players to execute the Boomerang Trap and the Crescent Turn.*When the ball is either flicked or off the ground* - Hold R3 + LS
Super-SubImproves player’s abilities when introduced late in the game. - activated when you bring a player into the game during the 2nd half
Track Back n offensive player who actively pressurises the opposition player who is on the ball and tries to win it back
Weighted Pass Enables players to apply back-spin when playing lofted passes and through balls improving accuracy.
InterceptionEnables better interception skills
GK Penalty SaverEnables better goalkeeping Reactions against penalty kicks
Penalty specialistEnables higher accurate penalty kicks
GK High PuntEnables goalkeepers to take long, high punt kicks, that end up deep in opposition territory
No look PassEnables passes that missdirect opponents
Rising ShotsEnables low trajectory shots that rise sharply
Dipping ShotsEnables top spin shots that bounce eratically in front of the goalkeeper
Chip Shot ControlEnables accurate Chip Shots
Step on skill controlEnables step on ball control toexecute feints and turns
Cross over Turnenables players to deftly execute the cross over turn
Double TouchEnables players to deftly execute the double touch