Throw in Tutorial


Abilities do not affect the effectivity of throw ins.

The throw in Skill card gives the player the ability far longer.

Throw in techniques:

ususal throw in
Aim towards a player and press the pass button

far throw in. 
Aim towards a player who is farer away and press the pass button for a long duration.

manual throw in
If you want to throw the ball into space press L2 and the passing button. The longer you hold the passing button the farer the player will throw the ball.

Off the ball- techniques
Select a player with L1/LB and the right stick.

If you press X(PS4)/A(XBOX) you will throw the ball to the feet of the player.

If you press CIRCLE(PS4)/B(XBOX) the ball will be trown high to the head of the selected player.

If you press TRIANGLE(PS4/Y(XBOX) the ball will be thrown into the run of the players.

The last two techniques are only available in the off the ball mode and even PES-Veterans do not know them..